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Please be vigilant when ordering Ago sets, parts & replacements. Product Warranties will not be honored for imitation sets & or Ebay Purchases. Be sure to only purchase your Ago vaporizer from reputable dealers to insure proper post purchase customer support including parts replacements , service repairs , exchanges and warranty fulfillment.

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Be sure to stay up to date on the latest sets , bundles & attachments from Ago by visiting one of our preferred distributers or contacting us directly. We are constantly striving to create better products and appreciate your feedback & suggestions. Interested in becoming an official Ago reseller? Contact us at to inquire about our wholesale program.

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Ago G5 Features

Hit counter , Lcd Battery display , Dry Herb/Wax/Oil/E-Juice Compatible + A wide array of Custom Attachments just to name a few! BEWARE of Imitations

Customize it

The Ago g5 is highly customizable , using the industry standard 510 threading means dozens of compatible Attachments for Dry Herbs , Wax , Oils , Juice so much more!

More Power

No one enjoys sucking in air for 20-30 seconds before their vaporizer pen even begins to produce vapor, with the Ago G5's advanced heating coils, vapor delivery is nearly instant for the very best vaping experience.

Battery life

The Ago G5 battery sports the latest in vaporizer technology boasting A Lcd Display for hit count & battery life monitoring as well as nearly 20% faster charge times than comparible vaporizers.

The Ago G5 Pen

Welcome To your ONLY Source for the Official Ago G5 Single & Triple use all in One Vaporizers mastering the latest in portable vaporizer technology. At Ago we have engineered the perfect 3 in one all purpose vaporizer set that includes everything you will need to vaporize Dry herbs , Wax , Oils & concentrates, as well as our single use sets if you only need to vaporize dry herbs. Comparable to the much Higher Priced Atmos raw vaporizer, the Ago g5 features a Lcd display indicator as well as interchangeable 510 thread attachments boasting 3x the Features at a fraction of the Price! The Ago G5 is by far the most elegant & advanced pen vape on the market. With the ability to vaporize in under 5 seconds the Ago is officially the quickest heating vape pen available. It draws its power from an internal lithium ion battery and features a small lcd screen that will let you know how many draws you’ve taken and when it’s time for you to recharge! The Ago G5 "triple use" vaporizer can be used with dry herb oils or concentrates all on the same setup!

Is the Ago G5 right for you?

If your looking for a Premium vaporizer setup that can handle anything you throw at it look no further than the Ago G5. With the G5's unique features , lcd display , 510 attachment compatiblity , and 3 in one capabilities you simply cant go wrong. The Ago g5 offers twice the features of the competition at Half the cost making it Affordable without having to sacrifice performance in exchange for price. We offer full customer support on the Ago G5 should in the future you need replacement parts , backup batteries , tips , how to's or simply advice on how to use your Ago G5 we have you covered! Make sure to purchase your G5 kit & Parts from our Verified G5 dealer only to insure you recieve Authentic sets and or replacements. If your in the market for a solid herbal use only or need a Triple use All in one solution for your herbals wax/concentrates and oils or E-juice than the Ago G5 is exactly what youve been looking for!

Tips: If your goal is making huge thick clouds of vapor every puff then look into a Premium Atomizer paired with your G5 like the popular Protank & Aerotank series by kanger sporting dual coils and a airflow control base this combo is sure to satisfy even the most advanced vapor enthusiast. Check out one of our preferred distributors Pier420 for a wide selection of the latest in Vaporizers , Mods , attachments , accessories & everything 420!!

Some Prices of our Top Selling G5 sets

All sets Ship with Free 2-3 Day First class Shipping!

Ago G5 Mini


Ago G5 Mini Set

  • G5 mini micro size vaporizer
  • Compact/No Lcd/Smaller threading
  • Small Size Packs A Big Punch!

Single use (Dry herb Only)


Complete Set

  • Multi Color Options
  • Dry herb Attachment + 1x Mesh screen
  • The best herbal use vape pen available

Triple use (Herbs/Wax/Oil)


Complete Kit

  • Multi Color Options
  • 3 Attachments for Herbs,Waxes & Oils + 2x Mesh Screens
  • #1 All in one pen vaporizer

Collectors Edition Bundle


Ago G5 Collectors Bundle

  • Full G5 Triple Use Set
  • Additional Dual Coil + 2 in 1 Chambers + Water bubbler!
  • Additional Carry Case & Grinder

The G5 offers the very best in the world of pen vaporizers melding reliability, portability, functionality and Performance. If your in need for an all in one solution the G5 is for you!

Of course , the G5 sports many safety features like short circuit prevention and automatic cuttoff features when the battery is being engauged for too long , preventing both damage and battery failure. For more usage tips be sure to check your Ago G5 manual and practice safe usage like proper storing and cleaning.

The single & triple use Ago G5 vaporizer sets are both the same base sets but the single use comes with only one attachment being for dry herb only while the Triple use kit ships with 3 attachments for both Dry herb , waxes/concentrates and e-juice / oils. Many users have different preferences on what they need thier G5 to do so we offer two seperate sets for your preference.

Some customers have asked wether or not the G5 will combust their herbs and if its an issue performance wise , The G5 standard Herb chamber vaporizes its contents directly via its heating coil which can mean a thicker or harder vapor delivery depending on how the chamber is packed and the make up of its contents, while many users prefer a harder hitting vaping experience we also offer mesh screens for a mellower lower temp vape as well if prefered.

The Ago G5 uses the most popular threading embraced by the industry the 510 thread. There is a wide variety of 510 threaded attachments available for the Ago G5 from many popular 3rd parts ranging from Tanks , Ce4/Ce5 attachments , dry herb chambers and more , changing attachments is a breeze simply twist , remove current attachment and twist back on the desired new attachment, thats it , its that easy!

Pier 420 is the Top Premier Network for The latest Vaporizer & Mod technology. Offers free shipping & top notch customer support for Every order & has been rated the #1 vapor supply company in the industry. Currently they are our only Authorized dealer of the Ago G5 , To insure you recieve a quality set as well as proper customer support make sure to purchase from Authorized dealers only.

Most all orders placed will ship next day with tracking confirmation # included, often orders ship same day if placed before 3pm Est. we offer FREE 2-3 day First class shipping with EVERY order!

We recomend the Triple use G5 set for overall best value, Many users consider themselves dry herb only users however you may find yourself needing these attachments in the future & therefor purchasing them via the all in one set is by far the most economical solution rather than aquiring seperate.

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