Atmos Kiln Review

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The Atmos brand is a top manufacturer of wax, e-liquid, and dry herb vaporizers. The brand has distinguished itself over the years, and it’s now seen as one of the leading producers of high-quality vaporizers. Atmos has been on the edge of competition. Following the recent market expansion of portable vaporizers, the industry leader has stepped up its game by flooding the vape market with innovative and technologically driven vaporizers. Although they have manufactured several vaporizers to their credit, we're going to review the Atmos Kiln vaporizer.

The Atmos Kiln vaporizer has been upgraded several times with some unique features added within a few years to meet the latest demands from vapers. In this newest version, rebuildable atomizers were attached to the kiln’s waxy heating attachment. Atmos Kiln is designed for wax concentrates, and it has a kit that includes a packing tool, Kiln vape device, a user manual, USB charger, replacement screws and rubber bands.

Ease Of Use

The Atmos Kiln is super easy to use. With little or no resistance, you can push its single button for a quick draw. When it comes to cleaning, the Atmos Kiln vape can be swiped clean in a few minutes.


Build Quality

The Atmos Kiln vape has a beautiful ceramic exterior that guarantees durability. The Kiln never gets hot on the outside, unlike most vape pens that become excessively hot after a few sessions of use.

It has a heating attachment that is compatible with box mods and the standard 510 threading. You don’t have to wait for too long after switching it. It features an automatic shut off timer that prevents any possible damage to the heat plate. The Atmos Kiln vaporizer has improved features than most conventional vape pens on the market that make use of ceramic disc heating.

Vapor Quality

The Kiln atomizer produces a clean vapor with a pleasant taste.  The Kiln's fast-heating system is a great addition. The vaporizer heats up pretty quick. It comes with additional airflow holes at the heating plate base. With this vape, you should expect thick clouds.

Battery Life

Atmos Kiln features a portable 950mAh battery. It can last you between 1-3 hours on continuous usage. For an average user, it can last three days. It takes about 2 hours for the battery to get to a full charge.


How To Use

The Atmos Kiln is compatible with only wax materials. It has a small chamber, and you might find it difficult to fill in anything bigger than a pea-sized amount.

There are two different sections to the unit - the heating chamber and the tip. You can practically remove all parts of the Kiln pen. Unscrew the mouthpiece to gain access to the core atomizer. After that, you have to unscrew the base at the power button to find the white chamber where you could place your wax. Press the power button five times to switch on the device. Heating starts immediately after you turn on the unit, and after a few seconds, you’re ready to vape.



  • Automatic heating system
  • Excellent air flow
  • Decent vapor quality  


  • Small chamber

Overall Experience

The Atmos Kiln has raised the standard of taste and flavor in a vaping experience.

There is little or no chance of clogging, and the airflow is free as there is no influx of fresh air across the heat source. Hence, you should not expect this unit to overheat or burn your product. One reason why most users love the Atmos Kiln brand is that the wax pen is ready for use immediately after it's powered on. This automatically helps to avoid the long waiting period that is associated with most ceramic disc vapes.