G Slim Herbal Atomizer Tank

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G Slim Herbal Atomizer Tank
G Slim Herbal Atomizer Tank

The G Slim by Grenco Science is another entry into the world of ultra-portable vape pens even trumping its bigger brother, the G Pen when it comes to overall portability. Packing a ceramic chamber within its impossibly tiny frame, the G Slim doesn't seem to be making any compromise in flavor or vapor quality despite the large reduction in size. Designed to vape dry herbs to perfection, the G Slim just might be the perfect solution for vapers looking for a compact and portable dry herb vape pen. But how does it actually perform in real-life scenarios? Let's take a closer look and find out.

Aesthetics & Build Quality

With the dimensions of the G Slim measuring out to a meager 4.75in х .3in х .3in, it's already easy to tell how compact it is. Actually holding the device in your hand is a whole other ball-game though as simple tech specs just don't do the sheer tininess of the G Slim justice. Despite its tiny frame, it doesn't feel cheap at all, which is mostly due to its stainless steel and plastic construction that help lend an overall solid feel when handling the G Slim.

Available only in black, the G Slim doesn't beat around the bush and makes it clear that its a device designed to be used discreetly. The device easily slips in and out of pockets for quick storage and concealment and the nondescript design paired with the small form factor only serve to make the entire package much more stealthy than your standard dry herb vaporizer.

Ease of Use & Performance

Condensing the process of vaporization into such a small device usually gives off the impression that it might be more difficult to use or setup but that couldn't be further away from the truth. Simply charge up the device with the included USB charger and you should be good to go. Load up the chamber with your ground up herb ensuring that the entirety of the heating element is covered, secure the mouthpiece, and finally turn the G Slim on with a quick and easy press of the single button located on the device. It doesn't deviate much from the standard process of setting up your average vape pen, but the way the G Slim is put together makes each step doubly easy (such as the swiveling mechanism on the mouthpiece which doubles as the cover to the chamber).

The ramp-up time is incredibly quick and within a few seconds of pressing and holding down the fire button, the G Slim should be ready for your first inhale. Thanks to the ceramic and borosilicate heating chamber, the distinct flavor of bud comes through very clean without any funny aftertaste. The internal 650 mAh battery also does a bang-up job of providing long-lasting performance good enough for a single day's worth of use before requiring a recharge. One of the only caveats to the simplicity of the G Slim is the total lack of power or temperature control which means you won't be able to fire up the device at higher or lower temperatures to match your preference.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

If you're in the market for stealthy and portable dry herb vape pen that doesn't scrimp on performance and manages to output a decent amount of vapor, then it's hard to go wrong with the G Slim. The attractive design and excellent ergonomics of the device alone are enough to qualify it as an all-around travel vape pen. That's not even mentioning the generous battery life provided by the 650mAh battery which pretty much gives you enough power for an entire day depending on how frequently you vape.

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